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Verified blogger into Alexa Rank

For us, the bloggers sometimes insert widgets that we want into a blog was very difficult. As is known Blogger, Wordpress and other blog sites do not allow us to edit index html and other files that are in the root. So suppose we want our blog site included in the Microsoft Bing search engine, Alexa ranking,etc. obviously we can not directly enter the verification file into the root folder.
How ? One way I have tried it this way with Alexa . com:
After registering at Alexa, easily we can included our site on Alexa rankings. First enter the site url name, the next step was recommended that you download the file verification for instance 'uO7BqUA8b4lexFlLwL7aURlFQfQ . html', currently on Google Analytic starts with UA-, it is not possible to upload the html file to http ://blogname .blogspot /..., we take advantage just the name of the html file (uO7BqUA8b4lexFlLwL7aURlFQfQ).
Copy and pasting your code verification from Alexa into your Blogger meta tag description along with your other meta tag. Once saved, try Verify your site on Alexa rank, and will be immediately verified. Well, that's it. Easy is not it? Try this also with Bing webmaster.
Good luck ...

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