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In previous post I was described how to verify blog on Alexa dot com, site famous for its  websites ranker. With a simple and easy way by using the name file verification that Alexa given to us upon registration.
Apparently steps above not applicable to Bing Webmaster, needed another way requires more tricks. To be more concise I am right away discuss the issue, though not too be curious. However it is important to note that by registering your site on Microsoft's Bing search engine, will both also listed on Yahoo's search engine. Can be spelled out figuratively 'while diving, drinking water', a two-way benefit.
For verification purposes by Bing webmaster, after enrollment will be given a file with xml extension, or 'Bingsiteauth . Html', purpose to verify your site ownership. This file again should uploaded to your site's root dir, but what we know is blogging host server forbids it. Fortunately, Bing webmaster tools provide also another way of verification with html syntax.
The problem is where to put the syntax? When we copy and paste it into a blog post, after trying verification proved a total failure, unverified message. According to my observations with no knowledge of web progamming, each time browser opening a blog page, first instance to read is the header file, which is a blog page template.
Assuming, arrangement and presentation of a blog page as css files will be read first, so I think it is part of the index html.
We edit the blog template by first saving it. So that later when something goes wrong we still have a backup. Put the syntax from Bing before closing head section of template (sign : /head) with copy and paste.
Once saved, close the template editor and run Bing's verification. If my explanation is done properly then verified status will be awarded to your blog site.
Now further cultivate your job as webmaster, as submit a sitemap, set robots txt, etc..
OK. Good luck ...

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