Simple, Funny Earn Money


Simple, Funny and Earn Money For 5 Dollar

Really, someone could do something unusual with only 5 dollars! Making money on the internet does not always have to be complicated and serious, there are also gatherings place for freelancers serving something else.

Here almost entirely simple, inexpensive and most importantly, there are also funny and exciting. Does not mean the jobs posted here aren't serious or just kidding, all earnest. How its delivery seem was made funny, sometimes excessively. Post your gigs and turn it to money.

Fiverr what if someone willing to be paid for $ 5 to sing happy birthday to anyone you want with Tarzan costume, what if you pay in the same cost to ask someone to talk to our ancestor who is already dead? Weird, funny, bizarre, serious, and common jobs like translation, logo creation, graphic design, programming, all together in one site with only $ 5, no more. That is style of Fiverr.

Fiveup is an Australian gigs site but the influence spread to the whole world. It's free sign up, member can post gigs for FREE (I've found someone offer to build our 3 to 5 pages website for free), $5, or $1000. If you find it lacking, then your gigs can be replaced at any time, very flexible. There is no limit what you have to offer; funny, strange, rare, sexy. Send your gigs, share it over social media then wait, orders will start arriving. Do not waste your capabilities, make it an income or at least a friendship.

Gigstate A gigs base crowd-source website with 66 K Facebook likes and 18 K Twitter followers with a taste similar to Fiverr and Fiveup. Just in terms of gigs job base and multiple of 5, for instances $ 5, $ 25 and $ 100, are not permitted sell services beyond those three.

What can be obtained with $ 5 bucks? Very much, logo creation, advertising, business, advice, programming, video, writing, and even a fun and bizarre also.
Do you have a job to finish faster? Or, you need extra work? It does not hurt us to try, it's free anyway.

JobsFor10Dollars is another gigs site where anyone can buy and sell their services for $10, actually not only 10 bucks you can sell for 5, 9, 50 it's up to you. In here  freelancer can  earn an income while consumers  or  businesses can save  a lot on  business cost. You no longer have to worry about feeling uncomfortable asking a colleague or acquaintance to help you out when you can get a pro to do exactly what you need for just $10!. Available in 3 major languages English, Spain, and French. Sign up now!!

Fivestead is micro jobs for people by people that is slogan of this website, what is exactly that meant? Whatever, but one think I know is you can sell your services from $5 to $50 range. Make your authentic, unique, and you are the best for this kind of service. Interesting? Just sign up with Facebook account.

Just simple steps, feel the fun, and earn money. What else?

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Perkembangan Ekonomi Indonesia


Pertumbuhan ekonomi Indonesia
Nilai Rupiah

Perkembangan Ekonomi Indonesia

Antara Laporan dan Kenyataan

Suatu berita menggembirakan disampaikan BI sebagai otoritas keuangan di Indonesia; bahwa pertumbuhan ekonomi Indonesia sebesar 6,3% nomor dua di dunia setelah negara Cina yang mencapai 7,8%. Dengan nilai pertumbuhan ekonomi yang tinggi diharapkan menggairahkan seluruh sektor ekonomi untuk berkembang. Terutama menarik investor luar negeri agar lebih deras mengalirkan dolar ke Indonesia, yang pada akhirnya menambah pundi-pundi cadangan devisa.
Sementara itu pertumbuhan ekonomi yang tinggi tidak disertai juga dengan nilai inflasi bulan September yang semakin meningkat 4,61% (bandingkan dengan USA: Sept. 2% source, bahkan lebih tinggi dari saat lebaran bulan Agustus lalu 4,58%. Padahal tingkat inflasi pada saat ramadhan dan lebaran di mana kebutuhan masyarakat sangat tinggi seharusnya lebih tinggi dari bulan-bulan yang lain.
Satu hal lain yang tidak mendukung pertumbuhan ekonomi yang 6,3% tersebut adalah penurunan nilai ekspor dari US $ 16 milyar (juli 2012) menjadi hanya US $ 14 milyar (Agustus 2012). Bagaimana meningkatkan ekspor bila eksportir kita hanya mendapatkan keuntungan 2% saja. Pertumbuhan Ekonomi yang tinggi tidak banyak berpengaruh bagi masyarakat umum, yang lebih langsung merasakan dampak gejolak tingginya inflasi ekonomi tersebut.
Beberapa produk pertanian bahkan mengalami peningkatan harga yang sangat tinggi mencapai hampir 50% bahkan ada yang lebih. Seperti tabel dibawah ini:

Tabel harga hasil pertanian2012

Produk Pertanian



Kacang tanah

Rp 14.000

Rp 17.000

Bawang putih impor

Rp 12.000

Rp 25.000

Kacang hijau

Rp 8.000

Rp 10.000

Ketan putih impor

Rp 10.500

Rp 12.500

Dari tabel di atas dapat dilihat peningkatan harga yang luar biasa pada beberapa produk pertanian yang untungnya bukan kebutuhan pokok masyarakat seperti halnya 9 bahan pokok (sembako).
Dalam hal sembako, bila terjadi kenaikan agak tinggi, pastinya akan menimbulkan gejolak dalam masyarakat. Untungnya pemerintah masih bisa mengendalikan, contohnya dalam kasus kelangkaan kedelai.Seharusnya pemerintah menggalakkan penanaman dan penggunaan kedelai lokal bukannya malah memperbesar impor kedelai dari Amerika dan Malaysia. Nilai impor kedelai US$ 424,2 juta menurut laporan BPS, adalah nilai yang besar seandainya saja bukan impor tapi untuk petani kita sendiri. "Berikan petani modal menanam kedelai, sediakan bibit yang disukai konsumen baru kemudian kenakan bea masuk kedelai impor yang tinggi". Menurut saya itu cara yang lebih baik, bukannya malah membebaskan bea impor kedelai.
Apabila dibiarkan berlarut-larut akan menurunkan simpati masyarakat pada pemerintah. Belum lagi kebijakan pemerintah dalam peraturan import sayur dan buah (hortikultura), sedikit tidaknya mempengaruhi perubahan harga di pasaran (dalam kasus harga bawang putih).
Kesimpulannya, pemerintah kurang berpihak pada pertanian nasional yang menjadi sebagian besar mata pencaharian masyarakat Indonesia. Kebiasaan konsumen Indonesia yang terlalu memilih produk impor akan menjadi bumerang bagi pertanian dan industri nasional kita.

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Submit Blog to Bing Webmaster

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Microsoft Bing webmaster tools
microsoft Bing

Submit Blog to Bing Webmaster

In previous post I was described how to verify blog on Alexa dot com, site famous for its  websites ranker. With a simple and easy way by using the name file verification that Alexa given to us upon registration.
Apparently steps above not applicable to Bing Webmaster, needed another way requires more tricks. To be more concise I am right away discuss the issue, though not too be curious. However it is important to note that by registering your site on Microsoft's Bing search engine, will both also listed on Yahoo's search engine. Can be spelled out figuratively 'while diving, drinking water', a two-way benefit.
For verification purposes by Bing webmaster, after enrollment will be given a file with xml extension, or 'Bingsiteauth . Html', purpose to verify your site ownership. This file again should uploaded to your site's root dir, but what we know is blogging host server forbids it. Fortunately, Bing webmaster tools provide also another way of verification with html syntax.
The problem is where to put the syntax? When we copy and paste it into a blog post, after trying verification proved a total failure, unverified message. According to my observations with no knowledge of web progamming, each time browser opening a blog page, first instance to read is the header file, which is a blog page template.
Assuming, arrangement and presentation of a blog page as css files will be read first, so I think it is part of the index html.
We edit the blog template by first saving it. So that later when something goes wrong we still have a backup. Put the syntax from Bing before closing head section of template (sign : /head) with copy and paste.
Once saved, close the template editor and run Bing's verification. If my explanation is done properly then verified status will be awarded to your blog site.
Now further cultivate your job as webmaster, as submit a sitemap, set robots txt, etc..
OK. Good luck ...

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Verifying blogger into Alexa Rank


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Alexa rank

Verified blogger into Alexa Rank

For us, the bloggers sometimes insert widgets that we want into a blog was very difficult. As is known Blogger, Wordpress and other blog sites do not allow us to edit index html and other files that are in the root. So suppose we want our blog site included in the Microsoft Bing search engine, Alexa ranking,etc. obviously we can not directly enter the verification file into the root folder.
How ? One way I have tried it this way with Alexa . com:
After registering at Alexa, easily we can included our site on Alexa rankings. First enter the site url name, the next step was recommended that you download the file verification for instance 'uO7BqUA8b4lexFlLwL7aURlFQfQ . html', currently on Google Analytic starts with UA-, it is not possible to upload the html file to http ://blogname .blogspot /..., we take advantage just the name of the html file (uO7BqUA8b4lexFlLwL7aURlFQfQ).
Copy and pasting your code verification from Alexa into your Blogger meta tag description along with your other meta tag. Once saved, try Verify your site on Alexa rank, and will be immediately verified. Well, that's it. Easy is not it? Try this also with Bing webmaster.
Good luck ...

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