Careers, Employee Bargaining Position

Careers, Employee Bargaining Position

A journal about employee bargaining is widely spread on the internet. But few are discussing how to achieve it and the possibility for workers. Particularly in large companies where a loss of one employee does not mean anything.

It is very common when lower-class workers have no bargaining power with bosses or business owners. Employee can only accept company policies to their workers in general, unless they are vital and important position for the company. Is there no chance for us to improve the situation? I would like to give cases examples that could be considered by us, the workers.

In 2004, the beginning of my work at a company called SI (initials only), just as a regular employee with regular work. At certain moments I gather informations about this company from my colleagues. Sometimes I can accompany company leader needs staff who accompanied along the trip. He often talked about his business, associates, as well as trader rivals.

All the information I absorbed and accumulated, thus forming a complete picture of the company, which then I make a conclusion. That is, urgently required changes and the development of business which have not been touched by this company.
To whom can I convey this idea? In the event that something rather big must have company officials to decide. If I tell my manager, maybe he would not reveal the initiator of this idea. It might be that he took personal advantage, and I got only a small bonus. No! I'm going to submit it to the company leader.

Is my suggestion is acceptable? Doubt? Yes, but.
In my opinion, if we convey an idea that has been considered all possible probability, it will be accepted (I guess so). Because there are reasonable arguments and facts that support an idea.

Is this advice beneficial or even harm me? I have a guts, no worry.
In proposing ideas I will use a personal approach, in conduct atmosphere and the right time. The results, let's see, because it is for the betterment of the company and not just for my personal gain.

The right time come when I was asked to join the company leaderagain. When he spoke about current development of his competitors, who previously was a joint venture. Immediately, I would like to have share thought that I had been saved. Something like this: "Sir, I know you have been taught him to import any item, from which country, when purchase needed, all you taught. Just because he has more wealthy, it does not mean you are unable to exceed their business. You have advantage, namely thinking further ahead and sharper calculations. He could not even take into account the possibility of fluctuations in the prices, they lost many times in business. Our company is capable to do things that are more powerful, with your abilities that aren't all entrepreneurs have them."

After that we were involved in the debate and argue, lucky I have prepared everything. Several times I was called to his room, even he did not hesitate to come to my home to be able to exchange thoughts.
The result? I was placed in the R & D of course with the addition of income and welfare.

Another example, still with the same company.
Sometime in late 2009 after the passage of the financial crisis in Indonesia, our company experienced revenue decline trend. In my imagination, if not to amend or do business development will affect performance of the company in overall. Admittedly I do not know exactly the company's financial position, but its impact can be felt by the reduction of bonuses on the grounds crisis.

I start analyze the possibility of development or changes in the type of business, I begin with the company histories. Apparently there had been a very successful type of commodity, but now no longer cared, namely green beans commodity (our company in the field of agriculture). From the analysis of the market and the supply of goods, seems like this could be done again.

Finish preparing ideas and arguments and not forgot facts of the market, I went straightly to our business leaders (now I allowed to meet him at any time). I pointed out all I have, ideas, arguments, facts, everything. With the addition of these words like "Sir, your first succeed is in the field of green beans, can be said, you had good luck with this very green beans". Again and again we shouted in conversation, discuss everything possible to become difficulties in the future. Luckily I was in maximum preparation, no problem. So, we begin the process of these first ever abandoned business. Although, I did not get a new promotion, but I can prove that I am useful to the company.

What conclusions can be drawn from the two examples above?
That is, wherever our position in a firm, we still have a chance to gain a bargaining position.

It all depends on ourselves, whether our first intention to advance the company, or self-centered? Of course, if we want to get more with our work, must demonstrate good faith and efforts to promote our work place. There must be an opportunity where we can express our thoughts, which ultimately aims to our own advantage.

Convey an idea does not have to formal ways, such as in meetings, discus between employees and others. How can friendly way would be more effective as long as we have to prepare ourselves and look at the situation, emotions and conditions of our superiors. We should be ready with powerful arguments and facts that support our ideas, so we will not be embarrassed later.
Show your skills in the work and forward thinking, it will be appreciated and taken into account in the company. Only people who really have the expertises and advanced minds that have bargaining position, and not easily eliminated.
We all must remember that there is a piracy trend among corporate workers. Those who hijacked are the ones with special talent and skill that not every workers have it. It is they who determine what and how they are paid, how long should work and so on.

Surely we are the workers really want top notch and a better income, and not so easily sacked. Make ourselves as employees that the company needs is not we who need a job.

The last word, learn how to push a suggestion to people, help us communicate and lead others to listen to us, and believe that we are right.

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