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It can be define as doing a legit work from home / your own site without needed to move into the workplace, also that work at home is a kind of freelance work or outsourcing. There is no obligation for you to come to work, even though you get paid per hour. It is suitable for people who want to look for additional income, which has not worked, or for women who must keep their children.
Although you work at home unattended, responsibility and the work should be able to be proved. For the recruiters(client) are the most important are the results of your work as a contractor. Currently, almost all jobs work at Home Online or done by using a phone line.
Not all of legitimate work at home is legal and legit. There are many scams out there that commit fraud, recruiting people without any payment, even can makes us object to profit themselves.
Which includes work at home, among others:
- Job make a blog post, the pay is varied, but if you are talented will be paid up to $ 100 per article.
- Writing software or programming, websites or editorial duties.
- Being an expertise in a question and answer sites, many field for instance law, legal services, licensing, computer service, mobile phone, or whatever our realy experts. When you are trusted, you can determining your fee.
- Being an intermediary or broker. Intermediary in a trade transaction, where the buyer or seller to be away.Payment usually by bonus or percentage after one project succeed.

Here are websites of work at home, those are legal and legit. I have tried myself and trusted internationally. See more..
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